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First, what’s with the name “Highballer”?

It was in the treeplanting sector of British Columbia (and Alberta) that Nolan developed an obsessive stop-at-nothing work ethic. He became what’s known as a Highballer—a top producer who burned significantly more calories in a single day than a marathon runner would in a full race. And he performed this mammoth task, day in, day out, seven months per year.

Having planted well in excess of 2.5 million trees on some of the most challenging terrain on the continent during in his 27-year career, and many tens of millions more as a contractor operating one of the most highly regarded treeplanting companies in B.C. (Rainforest Silviculture Services Ltd), Nolan thrives on hard work.

Highballer: True Tales From a Treeplanting Life, Nolan’s first book published in the summer of 2019, is a fast-paced autobiographical account detailing his first ten years in the industry. It was during this period that he developed the physical and mental endurance required to claim, and defend, the title of top “Highballer”.

Nolan now applies that obsessive work ethic to examining and uncovering opportunities in the junior exploration arena, working as Sr. resource writer for Chris Parry’s Equity Guru.

Nolan’s delve into the junior mining sector might best be characterized as obsessive. He lives and breaths junior mining stocks.

In covering client and non-client companies alike, Nolan draws on over three decades of experience in the sector (he began following mining stocks in his teens).

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Two junior mining stocks Nolan was involved during the 2001 to 2011 bull-cycle

Nolan has numerous success stories under his belt. One standout is Pioneer Metals. He established a large position in Pioneer at $0.12 in 2001 after learning of its plans to spin off its uranium assets into a new company called UEX Corp. For each share of Pioneer Nolan held, he would receive an equal number of shares in UEX. It was like a 2:1 stock split, except the additional shares represented a new company. The market failed to recognize the significance of the setup. Trusting his instincts, Nolan established a position that was larger than anything he held prior.

In 2002, Pioneer successfully completed the transaction, and it was an immediate success. In 2006, Pioneer itself was bought out by Barrick for $1.00 per share. In 2008, UEX climbed as high as $9.00 per share.

Not bad for a twelve cent anti.

Though Nolan failed to ride his two positions to their ultimate upside potential, his $0.12 entry-point laid the foundation for a number of successful trades over the next decade.

One such trade was Virginia Gold, a stock purchased in the summer of 2004 at $1.12. Virginia, on the strength of its Eleonore’ gold discovery in the James Bay region of Quebec, went on to trade north of $15.00 a little over one year later after a solid uptrend in gold—and a fat takeover offer from a Sr. Producer—sent the shares flying. Though Nolan’s initial entry was $1.12, he averaged up multiple times as the Virginia story continued to demonstrate a world-class gold discovery. Nolan was convinced the company would get taken out by a resource-hungry predator, at a significant premium. He was right.

Nolan has other similar success stories, but you get the idea. His investment strategy for 2020 and beyond is to uncover similar opportunities while they are still at an early stage of development.

2022 and beyond

Though some may argue that there’s no more efficient way to look like a fool than to make a forecast in this high-risk/high-reward arena, Nolan suspects mining stocks are on the cusp of a decisive and sustainable move to the upside – a belief underpinned by a host of compelling fundamental and technical factors.

We stand to watch.