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HighGold Mining (HIGH.V) tags thick interval of high-grade gold at Johnson Tract Project, Alaska

I’ve been following the HighGold story since January of this year when I penned a piece titled A high-grade gold and base metal play with Tier-1 potential – HighGold Mining (HIGH.V) HighGold is all about its flagship Johnson Tract Project (JT), a phenomenal high-grade deposit that was, until very recently, buried from sight for over […]

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Cos on the Highballer shortlist making headlines – Forum (FMC.V), Banyan (BYN.V), Harfang (HAR.V), Skeena (SKE.V), and HighGold (HIGH.V)

This is a brief mid-week report updating several of the Cos on our shortlist making news today (Sep. 9th). Forum Energy Metals (FMC.V)… … dropped the following headline today: Forum Identifies Nickel-Copper-Palladium Targets at Love Lake Project, Saskatchewan; Commences Field Program When I asked Forum CEO, Rick Mazur, if he’d consider optioning out his Love […]

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Drilling commences at Forum’s (FMC.V) district-scale Janice Lake copper project in Saskatchewan

In a recent Highballer offering, we stated the following re Forum Energy Metals (FMC.V)… “Things are busy at Forum Central, and it’s about to get much busier.” Last week, on September 1st, the company dropped the following headline: Rio Tinto Commences Drilling at the Janice Lake Sedimentary Copper/Silver Project, Saskatchewan Here, Rio Tinto Exploration Canada […]

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Cartier Resources (ECR.V) tags high-grade gold at Chimo – takes aim at Benoist and Fenton projects with aggressive exploration plans

Last week, one of Highballer’s top three picks for 2020—Coral Gold (CLH.V)—was the subject of a friendly takeover that pushed its share price to multi-year highs. Today, another stock on our top three list—Cartier Resources (ECR.V)—tagged multi-year highs. It’s one of my favorite charts in the junior exploration arena, a chart characterized by an orderly […]

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A new addition to the Highballer shortlist—Harfang Exploration (HAR.V) – Also BYN.V, DEFN.V, ECR.V, MCI.V, PGM.V, SKE.T

I apologize for the lag between articles. I’ve been scouring the junior landscape in search of a new entry, a new addition for the Highballer shortlist portfolio—a list that currently reads eleven. I’m reviewing several potential candidates. All strike me as intriguing speculations. All boast the fundamentals I require in a Junior ExploreCo: solid management, […]

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A new addition to the Highballer shortlist – Minnova Corp (MCI.V) – also Forum (FMC.V), Strategic (SMD.V), and PureGold (PGM.V)

The plot thickens. Gold, in US dollar terms, tagged all-time historic highs last week, registering a monthly close on the charts that has a universe of traders looking in. Some say prices are overheating. Some believe the $2000 level will generate an impulsive round of profit-taking. Some, including me, think calling the short-term moves in […]

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Cartier (ECR.V) looks to monetize flagship gold asset, sets stage for aggressive drilling campaign at Benoist project

Here’s the thing… every day that a gold miner digs ore out of the ground—every day the company is in business—they reduce their metal inventory. For companies that produce millions of ounces of gold annually, adding to reserves—replacing these ounces—requires a steady stream of new discoveries. What investors new to this arena may not realize […]